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About Us

“Education for all, Development for life, Empowering minds, Transforming futures.”

Youth Campaign for Education and Development in Nigeria (YCEDNigeria) is a dynamic and forward thinking Pan-African development organization passionate and committed to driving positive change in the realms of education and holistic development for young individuals. Geared towards empowering and uplifting youths, YCED-NIGERIA is a powerful advocate for youth, working tirelessly to amplify their voices and championing their rights to quality education and comprehensive personal growth. Founded in 2018 following the All African Students and Youth Summit held in Kigali, Rwanda. YCEDNigeria is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the growth and development of students and youth throughout Africa. We are strongly rooted in the believe that the youth of today are the architects of a brighter future and it is our duty to support, guide, and campaign for their aspirations. Through a diverse range of activities, we strive to equip youths with the technological skills necessary for personal growth driving innovation and fostering economic growth.

At YCEDNigeria, we strongly believe in fostering an environment of coexistence, development, and collaboration among youths. Through strategic campaigns, collaborations with stakeholders, and grassroots initiatives, we raise awareness about the critical importance of education, and holistic development in shaping the lives of our youths by organizing leadership conferences, seminars, workshops, and campaigns addressing social vices. Placing a significant emphasis on addressing the issue of drug abuse. Amongst other things, we seek to find ourselves role models, outstanding institutions and mentors in life towards development of Nigeria and Africa. Join in our campaign where every young person has access to education and information that empower, and development opportunities that nurture potentials. Together we campaign for a world where the dreams of youths are not just heard but realized through provision of scholarships, donations of educational/developmental materials and the support for the less privileged in our society. You become a part of a powerful movement that shapes the destinies of generations to come.


At Youth campaign for Education and Development in Nigeria (YCED-Nigeria), our mission is to ignite the flame of change in the hearts and minds of young individuals. Lighting their path towards a brighter future, to empower, advocate, and uplift students and youths across Africa especially Nigeria through comprehensive education and holistic development by equipping them with essential technological skills fostering their personal growth through a diverse range of initiatives including training programs and educational opportunities.

We are educators, mentors and champions of change committed to equip young individuals with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to shape their destinies. We aim to drive innovation, promote economic growth and combat social vices such as drug abuse. We strive to create supportive and collaborative environment that nurtures the potential of young individuals and prepare them to be responsible leaders and contributors to society.

Our Vision

Flowers in Chania

Our vision is to create a future where every students and youth in Nigeria and Africa has access to quality education, equal opportunities and the necessary tools to succeed in a rapidly evolving world. We envision a continent where youths and young persons in Africa/Nigeria are equipped with the essential technological skills empowered to drive innovations and actively participate in the development of their communities. Through various efforts, we aspire to build a strong network of role models, exceptional institutions and mentors who inspire and guide the younger generation towards personal growth and a brighter future.

Strategic Priority

Education For African Children

A 2022 UNESCO report Noted that approximately 20 million Nigerian individuals out of her approximately 200 million population are not enrolled in school, this number amounts to almost 20 percent of the Nigerian entire population.

Awareness Campaign
Drug Abuse Awareness Campaign.

Addressing this issue requires a multi-prolonged approach that will involve prevention, education, enforcement, and treatment to tackle both the supply and demand sides of the issue; we require the collective effort of everyone to persist in the fight against the issue of drug abuse.

Gender Advocacy and Equality

. Every girl child should have equal rights to education and access to high quality learning just as boys do. Gender discrimination should have no place in education. YCED-NIGERIA is actively advocating for gender equality in education through various strategies and initiatives

Human Capacity
Capacity Building

All over the world, the development and capacity building of youth is recognized as a critical aspect of the development of any economy. We recognize the fact that the strength of a nation lies in the potential of its youths and capacity building is the key to unlocking that potential

Democracy and good governance

YCED-NIGERIA plays a crucial role in the advancement of democracy and good governance by focusing on various activities and initiatives towards the advancement of democracy and good governance in lieu of contributing to the development and well-being of the society.

Team Members

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Engr. Igwe Ikechukwu Franklyn

Executive Director

Mohammed Ibrahim

Operations Director

Ahmed Maruf Badamasi

Programs Director

Olisakwe Ijeoma Gloria

Project Director

Odey Mary Eneh

Community Development Director

Abbas Abubakar

IT/Communication Director