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Gender Advocacy and Equality:

Gender equality when raised is often used to refer to equality between women and men, efforts aimed at promoting equal rights, equal opportunities, and treatment for people of all genders irrespective of their gender identity or expression. Gender equality is a fundamental human rights issue and a core principle of social justice and that is why we have always been and will always be an advocate for gender equality and total inclusiveness. All individuals irrespective of their gender should have the same rights, responsibilities, and opportunities in all areas of life including Education, employment, politics, and family life. Our effort is directed towards promoting equality in education for children and youths regardless of their gender, having equal access to quality education, being treated fairly, and not being held back by gender-based stereotypes or discrimination. Every girl child should have equal rights to education and access to high quality learning just as boys do. Gender discrimination should have no place in education. YCED-NIGERIA is actively advocating for gender equality in education through various strategies and initiatives:

  1. Advocacy and policy change:
    By advocating for policy change at local, regional, and National levels to ensure equal educational opportunities for the girl child.
  2. Community Engagement:
    By engaging with local communities to address cultural and social barriers that may prevent the girl child from accessing education. Organizing shows, events, and programs in these communities to teach and show them the importance of educating a girl child.
  3. Girl Child Education Program: By developing and implementing programs that specifically target the girl child’s education, we came up with a scholarship specifically for the girl child to encourage girl child education, Mentoring the girl child, raising awareness about the importance of girls education through our social media handles, community workshops, media campaigns etcetera.
  4. Research, Data collection, and Partnership:
    By conducting research, and collecting data on gender disparities in education while using the information to strengthen our advocacy efforts as we collaborate and partner with other NGOs, government agencies, and even international organizations to leverage resources and expertise towards gender equality.
  5. Empowerment and Capacity building:
    By empowering the girl child with confidence-building activities, career guidance, and skills that will help them succeed in their education and beyond while effectively implementing gender equality programs through training and development.