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Democracy and good governance

Democracy and good governance represent the core principles that underpin an effective and just society. Characterized by the rule of law, accountability, transparency, participation, and efficient use of public resources, democracy and good governance entails the responsiveness of government to the needs and aspirations of its citizens and in shaping a society where justice, freedom, and the common good strive. YCED-NIGERIA plays a crucial role in the advancement of democracy and good governance by focusing on various activities and initiatives towards the advancement of democracy and good governance in lieu of contributing to the development and well-being of the society. These activities and initiatives include:

  1. Voter education/Public awareness:
    By conducting voter education programs to inform citizens both young and old of their rights and responsibilities as citizens in a democracy as well, as educate them on the importance of participating in elections and the political process. Raising public awareness of the importance of human rights, democratic values, and good governance through campaigns, workshops, community outreach, etc.
  2. Advocacy, Education, and Training:
    Advocating for policies and electoral reforms that will enhance transparency, promote accountability, and strengthen democratic institutions. Providing civic education programs in schools and communities to instill democratic values and principles in the leaders of our tomorrow, and our future generations.
  3. Election Monitoring, Collaboration, and Networking: Monitoring elections to ensure they are free, fair, and transparent. Document and report irregularities while working on the data to improve the electoral process. Collaborating with other NGOs, stakeholders, government agencies, and international organizations to leverage resources, share knowledge, and coordinate efforts.
  4. Legal Assistance:
    Legal Assistance: Providing legal aid and assistance to individuals or groups whose rights have been infringed upon in cases related to human rights abuse and violation of democratic principles.
  5. Transparency, Accountability, and Policy Research:
    Promoting transparency by always advocating for open data, government budget transparency, access to information laws, and encouraging government agencies to be accountable to the public. Conducting research on government issues, and policies and collating data to provide evidence-based recommendations for improving governance.