Youth House, 4 Ekpe Close, off sokoto street Area 1 Garki Abuja
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Michelle Obama said, “When we equip our youths with knowledge and skills, we give them the tools to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.” All over the world, the development and capacity building of youth is recognized as a critical aspect of the development of any economy. YCED-NIGERIA engages herself in various activities and initiatives that will enhance the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of individuals, groups, or communities to perform effectively, achieve goals, sustain positive outcomes, and maintain the overall development of Africa. We recognize the fact that the strength of a nation lies in the potential of its youths and capacity building is the key to unlocking that potential and that is why we:

  1. Organize Training and Workshops:
    We provide training, education, and learning opportunities to youths to help them acquire new skills and expertise through workshops, seminars, and training sessions to influence specific skills tailored to address the needs of different groups such as students, teachers, community leaders and youths in general. Customized capacity-building initiatives to address the unique needs and challenges of different communities, youths, and different groups.
  2. Skills Development:
    In this age of technological advancement and digital intelligence, it is necessary we equip the youths with the necessary digital technological skills required for individual growth that will in turn drive innovation and economic growth. This is why we do not limit our skills development programs to leadership training, entrepreneurship skills, and vocational training alone but we also train the youths on high-demand technological skills that will help them excel in a rapidly evolving global economy.
  3. Educational Resources:
    Having what to fall back on when you need to recollect or remember a thing, need guidance and information about relevant topics is very important and that is why we develop and distribute educational materials, manuals, and online resources for the consumption of the public and the youths in particular.
  4. Mentorship Program/Networking Opportunities:
    The importance of a mentor in one's life cannot be overemphasized and that is why we strive to establish mentorship programs where experienced individuals can guide and support youths in their different lines of academic pursuit, those looking to acquire new skills or wanting to advance in their choice of career. We tend to facilitate networking events and opportunities for African youth, individuals, and organizations to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate.
  5. Consulting Services:
    Here we offer technical assistance and consulting services to young persons, organizations, or groups seeking to improve their operations or initiatives.